Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Getting an idea.

During our first ever group meeting we decided that we wanted to do our media production as a music video, we come to this choice because we all have a keen interest in music and not only music but the same kinds of music (drum and bass, electronica, breakbeat etc) this gave us both an idea of our genre and a basis from which to start working from. Heres a couple of examples of what kind of things we as a group are influenced by:

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

key concepts and such

The genre of this film is a music video, this particular music video plays with the steriotypical type of film that is generally created to fit the genre of a music video by its use of an unusal narrative and a slightly twised set of protaganists.

the narrative works by using a series of parrodys. first at the start of the film, during the introduction there is a parrody of 'gangstas paradise' by coolio

l.p. cover of ganstas paradise Next 'Window licker' parrodys 'Singin' in the rain' by Gene kelly by its use of an umberella in some of the dance scenes.

The rest of the film is a basically a giant parrody of the majority of pop music videos currently being created and this constructs the narrative.

Although at the start of the music video the narrative is fairly clear: two sterio typical black 'Gansters' trying to chat up two women and being rejected. although this is a fairly ordinary narrative as soon as the limosine enters the frame and shunts the gangsters cars out of the way the film starts to take a more surreal turn.

Firstly the limo is impossibly long and seems to just carry on coming through the frame in an endless stream, perhaps hinting that the owner of the limo is 'The real deal'. the next strange theme to run through the narrative is that the women appear to have the main charracters bearded face. This is a direct contrast to the majority of other music videos where the female characters are usually very sterio typical sex symmbols.

The rest of the narrative is about this kind of twisted version of the female charcters and yet the two gangsters seem to be persuing them regardless of thier very obvious males faces which could suggest that it is only the audience that can see it.

the filming angles in this piece are generally very ordinary for a music videos, there are alot of mid shots and close ups of the dancers and of the narrative at the start.

However, although the main camera angles of the piece are generally very ordinary the point of most interest is the editing. Throughout the piece the beat is matched almost exactly by the action in the shots, for instance, when the beat is faced the tempo of the editing matched is and vice versa, even more impressive is the fact that not only is the beat matched but also the action in each shot matches the beat and also the pace of the editing.

i like the fact that this video challenges what we as an audience would expect to see from a conventional music video whilst also staying true to some elements, i like how the piece is put together through complex editing and i think that it is one of the best music videos around today.