Thursday, 7 October 2010


After our descussion about our plot we set about creating an animatic to show our plot in a more coherent and cinematic way. Sam started the process off by doing some artwork that would represent how we hoped the film would look in the end. I then used a Dslr camera to take photos of the drawings and imported them into Adobe Premier Pro.

(screen shot)

Next I edited the photos together in the right order to allow the animatic to effectively show the narrative of our film. After I finnished this we had another group meeting and i showed the group what i come up with so far. We decided that the animatic should be as close to what we wanted our finnished product to look like so i started to look at other music films in a similar Genre to ours to get ideas of how to edit the animatic together:
Firstly, as i had already looked at Aphex Twin's Come to Daddy i decided that this would also be a good place to start when looking for inspiration on editing effects and ideas. I noticed that aswell as having a strang narrative as i already discussed on my blog it also used alot of quick, hard cuts throughout the editing. This helped the film to have a good pace and a sense of urgency that we as a group had already decided that we would like to include in our production.
Next i looked at the music video for Square Pusher's "Come On My Selector":
I found this video really inspiring as it is so well edited that it almost seems that the music was written around the video rather than the video being made for the music. Between 4:01 and 4:10 there is an especially good peice of rythmic editing that i thought was exactly the type of visual effect that would go really well with our genre of music.
After this research we had another meeting as a group and discussed how we would like our animatic to look. We decided that we liked the idea of using fast cuts and hard cuts so i started the animatic with these themes in mind. This is what i got:
Although the finnished animatic may not be true to exactly what our finnished peice will look like i think that my animatic gives a good idea of both the general look of our film idea as well as the pace.

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