Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Plot

After we did some research into other music film productions in a similar area as our own (namely The Prodigy's "fire starter"  

video and Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy"

) we decided that there were a few critical things that we needed to include in our plot to help us to create an effective music film. We noticed that in both of these music videos the narrative, although sometimes obscure and often confused in terms of not being chronological, were integral parts of these music videos. We therefore decided to spend quite a lot of time on working on a good plot for our production. This is what we got:

Scene 1:
Opens with an establishing shot of our main character (played by Ben Carey) passed out on the floor of a poole room/ garage. The mise en scene of this scene shows the audience that he is waking up after a night of drinking and possibly drug taking. He gets up and leaves the room slightly dazed.

Scenes 2, 3 and 4:
Throughout the rest of the film the narrative follows the character as he moves through his house and out to the neighbourhood. His world becomes more and more fragmented as seemingly ordinary things like looking in the mirror or walking down the street become more and more twisted and reality becomes completely warped. A clone of the main character chases him throughout this section of the film heightening the tension and pace of our film. An enigma will be built into our film as there will be a sense of the narrative being detatced from reality so the audience will never be sure of weather the main protagonist is imagining things or if what he is experiencing is real. The film will climax in a direct confrontation between the main character and his stalker and the apparent death of both of them. However, the end of the film shows the main prtagonist waking up in nearly the exact position he was in at the start of the film, implying that he was merely hallusinating.

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